Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide high quality Lawn and Landscape services at a fair and balanced price.

About Us

Holmberg Lawn and Landscape, was founded as a community-first, family-oriented company to assist both residential and commercial customers and provide them with more aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces.

With over 10 years in the industry we are intent on bringing a hometown, family atmosphere to an almost $100 billion US industry. We want to focus on education and communication as pillars of our business. We believe that a well-educated client has more tools at their disposal to make the best decision for them, and will be happier with the work that is done.

We strive to improve our industry through understanding and education; we do not just cut grass and move on- we want to understand the turf. Why it does what it does, why it grows the way it does, and how to more effectively manage it with a cheaper end cost for the client. We do this through continuing education both locally and abroad. We never want to stop learning how to perfect our craft, and we want to share that knowledge with the home or business owner.

Our goal is to have the most informed, well-educated customer base in the area. We want to help our clients learn landscape design, turf maintenance, and horticulture. We want to make sure that each customer feels comfortable, and we work to cultivate a family atmosphere that leaves everyone with a smile on their face.