Want to Create a Beautiful Yard From Scratch?

Want to Create a Beautiful Yard From Scratch?

Holmberg Lawn & Landscape can put in the features you desire

Many property owners lead busy lives and have little time or patience for yard work. That's why many people settle for simple, low-maintenance lawns. But imagine coming home to a fragrant garden and pristine lawn - wouldn't you be glad you invested in your landscape?

Holmberg Lawn & Landscape can help you cultivate the perfect yard by...

  • Installing a faux grass lawn that requires no upkeep
  • Planting slow-growing grass that requires less mowing than other lawns
  • Planting drought-tolerant trees, shrubs and flowers that require little watering

Our landscape installation services fit any budget. Request a free estimate by calling 660-238-5363 now.

Leave your yard work to us

Whether you need your lawn mowed weekly or plants watered when you go out of town, you can turn to us for expert lawn maintenance services. We can do whatever is needed to keep your yard looking its best.

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